Design & Planning

Our Design & Planning team is available to seamlessly coordinate all planning works with the design of projects to ensure that any planning issues are identified early and addressed effectively.

17 Units + Office Poringland
187 Units Cromer
95 Units Attleborough
14 Units Mundesley
42 Units Yaxham
44 Units Kings Lynn

We provide services to a wide range of people, including other architects, surveyors, technical advisers of clients but also to the applicants themselves. Our service aims to support the client through all stages of the planning process, dealing directly with the planning authorities, using the RIBA Plan of Works 2013 stages 0 – 3, strategic definition to developed design, to guide and ensure the process is clear to all parties.

Our team provides a helpful and friendly insight into the complexities of the planning process on any project. We specialise in identifying and addressing the real issues that occur with any planning application, isolating those which cause problems early and suggesting methods to overcome these – with the aim of removing any obstacles to gain a successful determination.

The services that we offer at RPA include:

  • Preparing hand drawn or CAD feasibility studies and carrying out negotiations with the Local Planning Authority

  • Securing advice from specialist subcontractors

  • Balancing the responses from sub-contractors, consultees and LPA

  • Preparing and submitting planning application documents, including Design and Access Statements

  • Attending public meetings and Planning Committees to support the client’s case

  • Advising the client on planning processes and tactics

  • Reviewing the planning decision and advising the client of any issues that arise

  • Supporting the client post-planning

  • Preparing and monitoring LDF representations

  • Dealing with planning appeals