BIM & 3D Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) imitates the real building process, virtually modelling with real construction elements allowing us to design buildings in similar ways as they are built.

Ellingham (3)
Ellingham (1)
Ellingham (2)
Market Row, Gt Yarmouth
Office Building
Lake House
Lake House Interior
Mountain House
Mountain House
Colliers Wood, London
Crystal House
Crystal House
Crystal House
Crystal House
Aylsham Hospital

Working to BIM Level 1 our team of trained technicians are experienced in BIM & 3D Modelling, capturing reality on screen in a way that paper and 2D drawing isn't able to.

This allows our clients to see how their project will look at an early planning stage which helps expedite the development.


BIM is more than just the 3D model of a building, the accuracy of the model combined with visualisations and fly-throughs allows us to evaluate the designs viability, long before construction takes place.

This accuracy and flexibility of 3D models enables us to collaborate with engineers and consultants, identifying issues ahead of time. Which means when construction takes place there are fewer issues and less rework required.